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Adventures, travel tidbits, my Post Concussion Syndrome story, wellness tips that have guided my journey, snippits of the people I meet, photos of places I find cool, a glimpse into remote work. Just my perspective.

Week 50: Mexico City

Y’all, this was my first full, 40-hour work week all year. I’m exhausted. Is this what real life is like? Nahh in all honesty, work was busy in a good way and I still had time for activities. And yes, still plenty of time for tacos. Culture Notes: Mexico City is...

Week 49: Mexico City

And just like that, I’m into the last month of Remote Year (be prepared for a month of nostalgia). But, MEXICO, WHAT’S UP!? Also, hola 2020! 2019 was a hell of a year, how will I top it!? This month I’m living in a house with four others in the Condesa neighborhood of...

Week 48: Medellin

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays to all! I enjoyed a nice holiday with Parea, but I have to say, I was really missing home this week. I was reminded how much I love this week of the year at home as I watched all my family arrive to Franklin and...

Week 47: Medellin

This week primarily consisted of being sick in bed (just your standard head cold) BUT saw another amazing region of the country and got some very exciting job news! Things to note: Rappi food delivery, similar to UberEats, is used all over South America but is...

Week 46: Medellin

Another jam-packed, fun week in Colombia! It brought ‘gingerbread houses’, Colombia’s national sport, great workspace café’s, and tubing on a lake! Man, I just love it here. Also, Wednesday 12/11 marked officially one year since buying a one way ticket to Cape Town. A...

Week 45: Medellin

Medellliiiinn, what up!?! I am literally in love with Colombia, so far. First impressions? People in this city are SUPER friendly, weather is amazing (like 80 and sunny during the day), arepas de choclo are maybe the best food invented, so. many. hills (more like...


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