Who’s this different view from?


I’m Alexa, a road-tripping, quinoa-eating, boat-rowing, math nerd (no joke, I’ve used this as my bio on dating apps, embarrassing).

As I sat at my desk working as an administrative assistant in your standard 9-5 office job, I couldn’t help but think ‘I could be doing this work from anywhere’. That and I was yearning, itching, every type of desire, to travel the world.

Back in August of 2018, I wrote this:

“My dream? To cut all ties to my current job and home, and take off on a one way ticket!

Why haven’t I done it? Because I’m a weenie…AND while I’d like to think I’m savvy with money, I don’t have total confidence that I could financially afford it. Plus, what’s your purpose, Alexa? As amazing as a life of travel sounds, I’d feel very selfish just doing this for myself.

Will all that stop me? Gosh, I sure hope not.”

Soooo being that I’m totally impatient and always looking for a new challenge, I signed on with Remote Year at the beginning of December 2018. The premise of the program is that it allows people to travel and work remotely. My dad’s reaction, as expected, was: “a little of the cart before the horse, no?” Yes, absolutely. I did not have a remote job.

Thus the frantic search began. Now I had asked my job back in August whether they’d consider having me remotely and their reaction was nah, we don’t see it happening. So, I started applying to a load of different remote only positions. It was NOT easy and quite honestly, I did not have the job situation all figured out when I left on my trip. However, I was able to convince my company to keep me on board for three months to transition. Still working on the plan for after that, but hey, delaying my personal market collapse, eh?

BUT I had to do it! I knew that if I made the commitment to Remote Year, I would make it work. I adopted a life motto of ‘becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable’.

After three months on Remote Year, I was lucky enough to transition directly into a contracted position for a healthcare technology company out of New York City. As I had sort of hoped, joining RY put me in a huge network of people all doing what I wanted to be doing (working remotely). I was hired by someone in my program!

Oh and one more thing about me, I LOVE asking questions. Let this space force me to step out of my comfort zone and really get to know the people and culture in each of my destinations.


Quick Facts (so far!):

All-time favorite destination? Madeira Island, Portugal

Favorite ‘aesthetic’? Mountains and water

Favorite activities:

  1. Zip-lining in Monteverde, Costa Rica
  2. Riding a camel through the Sahara in Merzouga, Morocco
  3. Doing Tai Chi on the roof of a boat in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Favorite foreign (major) city to visit: Cape Town, South Africa

Favorite foreign (major) city to live: Lisbon, Portugal

Favorite US city: Boston, MA

Countries with best food: Italy and Thailand…seriously, so different, but so good

Favorite State: Utah

Favorite National Park: Ahh there’s too many, Bryce Canyon or Great Sand Dunes or Grand Tetons

Favorite hidden gems:

  1. St. Gilgen, Austria
  2. Matsumoto, Japan
  3. Varenna, Lake Como, Italy